WooCommerce SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the most powerful tool for steady business growth from higher sales to better customer outreach. Mobile phones are more a constant in people’s lives today than anything else. From Gen X to Generation Z and millennials – no matter who it is, mobile phones are the most central part of every individual’s life. And it’s becoming increasingly common for individuals to make purchases from their smartphones.

For most businesses, especially stores in WooCommerce SMS marketing can be a powerful tool to help boost growth better than many other strategies. Considering the rapidly evolving world we live in, businesses can leverage this changed consumer behavior to grow their sales quickly.

A business’s success lies in keeping up with the changing consumer patterns, and what better way to communicate than getting into your customer’s text app?

What is WooCommerce SMS marketing?

SMS is an ideal channel for delivering transactional messages and promotional campaigns to your potential customers. They’re a perfect medium for delivering time-sensitive offers, alerts, and updates to your target customers.

However, these messages should only go to people who have given their consent to receive them.

Younger generations always have their phones

Technology has reached such massive, widespread popularity mainly because of the millennials. They have used technology to unparalleled levels and helped the older generations adapt and learn its ropes.

You will not find any youngster today without a mobile phone in his/her hand. From researching educationally on the internet to giving social media a reach far more significant than any other channel, younger generations make up 86% of mobile users. Smartphone ownership is higher among the younger lot, which speaks volumes to businesses catering to that particular age group with their products and services.

You will find this generation connecting more than any other through digital channels throughout the world.

People open texts faster than email

As a WooCommerce store owner, you have the opportunity of harnessing the power of SMS for growth and customer engagement. SMS is more popular among the masses because it hardly requires any effort to open them and read.

People find it far easier to open an SMS and run through the content within a matter of seconds than perusing through emails. Since they’re quick to follow-up, people find these notifications ideal and respond more quickly to reminders and time-sensitive promotions.

Emails have a longer content-form, and with the fast-paced lifestyles people prioritize now, they prefer media that can update them in a few moments without much hassle. This is why SMS is so popular and more effective as a marketing strategy.

Email inboxes are flooded

Many believe that SMS and emails have similar strategies, but we beg to differ. In truth, SMS has a tremendous advantage because people find it easier to sort through. For emails, one has to browse through their inbox and work their way through piles of emails sitting in it.

From promotional offers to business correspondence, every professional’s inbox is jam-packed. Sifting through it requires a significant portion of one’s time and patience. SMS messages are more instantaneous and likely to grab quick attention because they become visible almost instantly to your customers.

How WooCommerce SMS Marketing Boosts Sales

There cannot be a more direct and effective channel of marketing than SMS. It’s essential to formulate a foolproof WooCommerce SMS marketing strategy first. To help boost your WooCommerce SMS marketing, here are a few practices you must follow:

Deliver your text messages at appropriate hours

SMS and email have another distinct difference, and that is the number of times people check them. As a routine, people will perhaps not check their emails more than three times a day, and only during work hours.

But with SMS, people are always checking their phones. However, you must be careful to message your contacts at only reasonable hours of the day. No one wants a text message from a brand at midnight.

Recover abandoned carts

Use SMS to send messages for abandoned carts. There are plugins available that help you send recovery SMS or gentle reminders when your customers fill their carts but never proceed to checkout. As long as someone has opted in, you can send them cart abandonment messages as you would with emails.

Send winback campaigns

SMS helps you automate winback campaigns. If a previous customer hasn’t made another purchase, you can send them a winback SMS text with a special offer to visit your ecommerce store again

Reach out through an SMS series with personalized offers to better improve conversion rates. For example, if a customer bought Product A, you can send them an offer for Product B that complements Product A.

Combine WooCommerce SMS with email for better results

For your WooCommerce SMS marketing to be effective, you must leverage both email and SMS channels at the same time. Your goal as a business must be to engage your customers through both channels of communication in complementary ways.  Here is what you can do:

Gain text subscribers using your email contacts – offer a couple of incentives, such as promotion codes through text and promising them prizes and gift cards. You can follow through with an email, asking them to text your business for exclusive offers.

If you have a substantial contact list on SMS, you must encourage them to subscribe to your emails. For this, you can seek permission by offering incentives in your SMS for joining your email.

Use SMS to send a preview of some great event your business will host but ask them to look for your upcoming emails for complete details. This way, you encourage customers to stay tuned to both your SMS and emails.

Start WooCommerce SMS marketing with Recapture

Customer loyalty is just as important as focusing on customer acquisition. And here’s where SMS marketing with Recapture can help you out. Businesses find it far easier to sell to existing customers than attracting new ones. You have nearly 60%-70% better chances of selling to your existing customers than selling to new ones.

You must not abandon customers who stopped responding to your marketing efforts. Consider the following strategies for recapturing customers with SMS marketing:

Don’t miss out on any opportunity of following up on a customer’s purchase with targeted messages. Ensure the messages reflect their preference and increase their value of the transaction with your business.

If you note a customer going dormant for a while, send messages to attract them back with more promotions and special offers. Use your history of their purchasing habits and remind them of their favorite products by sending discount offers, particularly on those and others.

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce SMS marketing is the smartest thing you will do for your store on Woo. It helps increase sales, recapture your valuable clients and attract new ones to your business. They’re more effective and quicker than emails because they reach your targeted customers in a more visible and accessible manner.

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