shopify email vs. recapture: Is Recapture the best shopify email alternative?

Is Recapture the Best Shopify Email Alternative?

It depends on how you plan to use your email, but Shopify Email is a relatively new offering from the ecommerce giant and the tool isn’t as mature as others. With a quirky editor, strange limitations on sections added and products not working, it may not be the ideal solution for your store.

Shopify Email is the email marketing service provided by Shopify as part of their ecommerce platform. Shopify Email is accessible to every Shopify merchant on a paid plan. But is Recapture a suitable Shopify Email Alternative?

Let’s see how Recapture stacks up against Shopify Email

Shopify Email Pros

  • Pricing is very startup friendly
  • Available to all Shopify stores, regardless of paid plan
  • Directly integrated into store

Shopify Email Cons

  • Not easy to customize the email
  • Automations require using Flows, adding complexity to your setup
  • Shopify Email flows are very basic, not many options for followup or configuration
  • Shopify doesn't support abandoned cart recovery, only abandoned checkouts (which can be a huge difference in recovered revenue)
  • Sending timing can be off according to reviews
  • Not highly sophisticated editor, limited ability to change drag-and-drop items
  • Limited ability to improve delivery (e.g. custom sender domains, dedicated IP addresses, etc)
  • Quirks like "section limits per email" or "5 emails per contact per week" may not fit with your workflow needs

Best For

  • Stores that are getting started
  • Low volume sending stores that do an occasional broadcast
  • Stores that are cost-conscious and want to help keep costs to a bare minimum

Not a Good Fit For

  • Stores who want some sophistication to your reporting and analytics
  • Stores who have a lot of email campaigns to setup, send and manage
  • Stores making over $10,000/month
  • Stores who have over 3,000 contacts and want to do more frequent broadcasts or add SMS and see analytics for both, under one roof

Bottom Line on Recapture as Shopify Email Alternative

If you're looking for something cheap, integrated into Shopify directly and has a generous free tier (up to 10,000 emails/month) then Shopify Email might be the perfect solution for you. If you're only sending a few emails a week out to less than 2,000 contacts, Shopify Email is probably a great fit for your needs to get started. But if you're looking for a solid Shopify Email alternative, Recapture might make sense for your store.

If you've outgrown the basics and want something more campaign-oriented, with pre-built triggers for things like Abandoned Carts (both cart AND checkout, not just checkout), Post Purchase and Winbacks without having to build these yourself, and without limits on sends or email editor sections, Recapture may be your better alternative to Shopify Email.

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