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Is Recapture the best Mailerlite alternative for your store?

That depends very much on what you’re looking to do with it. Mailerlite is an inexpensive all-in-one website, email, landing page, popup builder, and campaign management tool that is popular with bloggers and newsletter senders. But what if you’re running an ecommerce store? Would you like Mailerlite more than something else? It depends on lot on what you need it to do. Ask yourself the question, is Recapture a solid Mailerlite alternative for ecommerce?

Let’s see how Recapture stacks up against Mailerlite for ecommerce stores

Mailerlite Pros

  • Inexpensive platform that allows you send bulk email cheaply
  • Ability to create landing pages
  • Ability to create popups & forms
  • Ability to create your entire website if you wish
  • Manage sending newsletters too

Mailerlite Cons

  • Mailerlite emphasizes bloggers and newsletters more than ecommerce. Ecommerce looks like an afterthought to them
  • Customer support has been spotty at times. To get their best support, you must be on paid tiers and at their highest level to get 24/7 chat support.
  • If you’re an ecommerce store, many of their features are not useful–such as website generation and landing page creation.
  • Workflow creation is as complex as other platforms like Klaviyo or Drip.
  • Recent UI upgrades resulted in a large price increase for not much additional functionality and more confusion in how to use the app.
  • Reporting focuses on subscribers, not store revenue and conversion like more ecommerce-focused tools
  • No SMS support
  • Approval process can be frustrating and inconsistent

Best For

  • Stores that have a very small budget for email marketing
  • Stores that aren’t focused on converting abandoned carts, sending post-purchase emails, or using winback campaigns
  • Bloggers and sites that send newsletters
  • Owners who need to build a website and send email, but don’t want to manage them on two separate platforms

Not a Good Fit For

  • Stores who want simple, straightforward triggers for ecommerce
  • Stores who want multi-channel communication (email AND SMS)
  • Stores who have marketers wearing multiple hats (e.g. ad management, creatives, email marketing, promotions, etc) who need to “get something done quickly”
  • Stores who value simplicity and easy-to-use email marketing tools
  • Stores who need an email marketing tool that is ecommerce-focused
  • Stores who need live chat support and fast, quality answers

In short, Mailerlite is not a good choice for ecommerce stores in general because Mailerlite lacks ecommerce focus which is important when doing email marketing for a store.

Would you like Mailerlite over Recapture as Mailerlite Alternative?

Mailerlite has a significant market share with over 1 million customers for a reason. With over 130 employees worldwide, and a long company history since 2005, they provide a great service for bloggers and sites that send newsletters, no doubt. But that focus on bloggers and building websites comes at a cost to you and your store–Mailerlite’s lack of ecommerce focus means you might not like Mailerlite for your ecommerce store. And setting up complex workflows & triggers isn’t something most store owners love to do, or even have time for. If you’re looking for a solid Mailerlite alternative, Recapture might make sense for your store.

Most stores simply don’t need that many extra features like websites, forms and complex automations. Save yourself the headache and try Recapture instead. With abandoned cart recovery, post purchase emails, winbacks, popups, and SMS notifications, Recapture is a great middle market solution for stores that are growing. Without sacrificing ease of use. You can always expect responsive, friendly customer support with Recapture, too. Recapture may indeed be your better alternative to Mailerlite.

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