klaviyo vs. recapture: Recapture is a good Klaviyo alternative

Is Recapture the best Klaviyo alternative for your store?

That depends very much on what you’re looking to do with it. Klaviyo is a great email marketing tool with lots of features and tons of effort behind it. But you may not benefit from all of that power. And that power comes at a significant cost to you in both complexity to manage and money you’ll pay. But is Recapture a solid Klaviyo alternative?

Let’s see how Recapture stacks up against Klaviyo

Klaviyo Pros

  • Industry leader for email marketing with ecommerce
  • Most integrated platform across ecommerce vendors
  • Most features available
  • Most flexible platform you can use

Klaviyo Cons

  • Flexibility means complexity, and learning Klaviyo is not simple, quick, or easy
  • Loved by agencies because they share in the revenue, so if you want their help, they'll "suggest" you to migrate to it
  • Customer support has been a problem for some time now
  • Platform has had recurring stability issues, especially during key times (During Black Friday 2021 and 2022, Klaviyo experienced significant outages)
  • Klaviyo pricing is not the friendliest for all types of stores and the platform can be very expensive to use

Best For

  • Stores that really need highly flexible or custom automations
  • Stores with $3 million annual revenue or more
  • Stores that have their email marketing done by an agency or freelancer
  • Stores that want to outsource their email marketing to an agency
  • Stores with previous Klaviyo experience in house or otherwise

Not a Good Fit For

  • Stores who run their email marketing in-house by their own staff
  • Stores who have marketers wearing multiple hats (e.g. ad management, creatives, email marketing, promotions, etc) who need to "get something done quickly"
  • Stores who like tools that are simple and easy to use without sacrificing too much
  • Stores who are cost sensitive to agency-based pricing arrangements (e.g. revenue sharing on "savings created by email")
  • Stores who want responsive, friendly customer support

Bottom Line on Recapture as Klaviyo Alternative

Klaviyo is the market leader in ecommerce email marketing for a reason. Hundreds of employees, millions of dollars invested in the platform and a huge engineering team to support it. They provide the most features and flexibility around, hands down. But that flexibility comes with a very significant cost--you sacrifice ease of use and in order to use their tool to its full potential, you will have to invest significant time or money in order to gain all of the advantages they offer (via agencies and freelancers who know the product). Plus, Klaviyo pricing might leave a bad taste in your mouth. If you're looking for a solid Klaviyo alternative, Recapture might make sense for your store.

Most stores simply don't need that much power to manage their email marketing and cart recovery until they reach a larger size (e.g. more than $3 million a year in annual revenue). Save yourself the headache, expense of training or the agency fee and try Recapture instead. With abandoned cart recovery, post purchase emails, winbacks, popups, and SMS notifications, Recapture is a great middle market solution for stores that are growing. Without sacrificing ease of use. You can always expect responsive, friendly customer support with Recapture, too. Recapture may indeed be your better alternative to Klaviyo.

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