There’s no winter hibernation for us, unfortunately.  We’ve been working during the Holiday Season to have a bunch of new things ready for you.  We’re proud to announce a lot of new options for you in Recapture.  Here’s a breakdown of what we worked on in the last few months.

New features we’ve added to Recapture in 2020 so far

🤑 OneClickUpsell integration (OCU)

Want to use Recapture with OneClickUpsell?  Now you can–our integration is able to pull all data from OCU’s checkout replacement and send your OCU customers cart abandonment emails.  Just enable the integration from Account Settings.

Full documentation on how to do that here.

✉️ Email Collector upgrades

In addition to the Personalized Email Collectors we added last fall, a number of new enhancements are available for email popups now, such as:

  • 🏷️ Tag the source of the email, so you can identify the customer from a specific page or from abandoned cart collection.
  • ⚡ Trigger email popups on more things now, like “If they scroll 50% down the page” or “If they don’t do anything for 60 seconds”.
  • 💰 Reveal a coupon code once they enter an email address in the popup.  Now they can see and apply the code immediately.  No more waiting for the confirmation email.
  • 📱 You can select the type of the popup, so it only shows on Mobile or Desktop if you want.
  • 🖥️ We’ve added a “device tester” to allow you to see what the popup looks like on various devices.
  • 🤖 We added anti-spam measures (honeypot support) for email collectors to keep those bots off of your store!
  • and the biggest one of all–YOU CAN PUT MULTIPLE EMAIL POPUPS ON A PAGE NOW

But don’t go crazy.  🤪

⚙️ Reprocess Winbacks and Review Reminders, just like Abandoned Carts

We added the ability to go back to old orders and start sending Winbacks and Review Reminders, just like we do for Abandoned carts.  Now you can configure your campaigns and then start sending to old carts immediately, instead of having to wait for new sales on the Recapture platform.

🐵 Sync your abandoned cart email list to MailChimp

Never worry about losing emails or exporting them manually.  Now we’ll sync them directly to MailChimp for you as they come into Recapture

🎩 Define a VIP Segment of Customers

Have a special customer list?  Now you can use those emails to define a VIP Segment in Recapture, so you can send them special campaign offers for any Recapture email sequence.

➡️ Easier coupon setup workflow

We cleaned up the coupon workflow and made it easier to understand.

What’s coming in April?

  • Some cool new integrations we can’t wait to announce!  Right now, they’re super secret.
  • We’re looking at SMS Marketing, Email Editor enhancements and more…Which one do you want first?  Tell us!

Got any suggestions?  Comments?  We want to hear them.

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