We’ve been busy this summer and wanted you to know all the new things you can take advantage of in the coming months for your busy holiday season recovery time.

New features we’ve added to Recapture since April

– Product category segmentation

Now you can use the category of the product to segment emails.  Makes it easier to target those who are buying a certain kind of item and increases the power of Recapture’s segmentation

– Store level configs in Magento

Previously, the configuration was setup to only use a single store and then look at store fronts.  Now we recognize individual stores for better multi-language handling.

– Pre-load cart contents in Magento for Winbacks

Winbacks now supports the same feature as abandoned carts–we’ll take the last purchase of the customer, and pre-populate that into a cart so they can buy it again, if you’re selling things that need replentishing (like food, supplements, medicine, etc)

– Option to remove logo from campaigns

Logos are now something you can hide in the emails, per campaign.  This gives you more customization of the emails without having to go full custom HTML.

– Include used discounts in cart totals

Discounts are now visible when the user sees the cart totals so they’re aware of any discounts you’ve applied to their cart.

– Don’t count bounced emails as assisted

Emails were mistakenly counted if they were bounced.  Well, not anymore.

– Reduce JS package size by 40%

This was HUGE.  Or small.  Depends on how you want to look at it.  We reduced the size of the primary library we load on your site by 40%, making your site even faster than it was before.

– Add font size to email template

Now control the size of text blocks directly on the email templates.

– New segments for location and shipping destination added to Winbacks

Now segment on the user’s browser location or on the chosen country for shipping.   Helpful if you want to add free shipping/discounts only to certain users from certain locations.

– Reviews from Recapture’s Review Booster now available to insert into Abandoned Cart emails

Need social proof?  We’ve got it, right when you need it most.  Show reviews on the products your customers are abandoning and link back to reviews on your store to increase conversion and remove objections during purchase.



What’s coming in August?

  • Unique discount codes!  We’re finally adding this feature and can’t wait to share it with you
  • New email types we’re considering:  Back in stock, Receipts, Order Confirmations…probably delivering before EOY

Got any suggestions?  Comments?  We want to hear them.

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