We’ve been busy this summer and wanted you to know all the new things you can take advantage of in the coming months for your busy holiday season recovery time.

New features we’ve added to Recapture since August

– Unique Coupon Codes

One-time, personal-per-customer coupon codes are now available for Shopify users in Recapture.  Set up the type of discount you want (% off, $ off, or free shipping) along with any restrictions (e.g. cart amounts, countries where free shipping applies) and Recapture will generate a one-time, single use coupon for each user in the campaign.  Applies to Abandoned Carts and Winbacks both!

Unique Coupon Codes in Recapture

Coming soon for Magento, too.  Details in our unique coupon code documentation.

– Personalized Email Collectors

Have you always wanted to ask questions like “How did you hear about our store?” or “What interests you the most?” to further segment your customers into more personal lists for better marketing and messaging?  Now you can with Recapture’s Personalized Email Collectors.  Ask any number of questions on your email collectors and then tag customers in your MailChimp lists with the answers for later!

Recapture's Personalized Email Collectors

– Attribution of “assisted carts” is now more clear

When a cart is marked as “assisted” we now mark where it came from–Winbacks, Abandoned Carts, Review Reminders…Just another way to help understand how Recapture is helping your store!

– 40% performance improvement on Page Load times

We’ve changed how the loading of our JavaScript library happens on the page to further enhance your PageSpeed scores by loading a library after critical page speed events, making your store even FASTER in the eyes of the All Powerful Google.

What’s coming in January?

  • Some cool new integrations we can’t wait to announce!  For now, they’re super secret.
  • New email types we’re considering:  Back in stock, Receipts, Order Confirmations…Which one do you want first?  Tell us!

Got any suggestions?  Comments?  We want to hear them.

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