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Clearly, customer retention is going to make or break your store this year. And hopefully, our previous articles have underscored the deep importance of getting this right, especially with explosive growth in ecommerce during the pandemic. Holding on to your customers is more important than ever. Now we want to show how Recapture makes it easy to implement world-class retention strategies like using SMS to nail customer retention and grow your ecommerce business without hassle or worry, even if you’re not a marketing expert. 

For any brand seriously considering SMS as a marketing channel in 2021, you need a tool that can help you recover abandoned carts, integrate easily into your store, and create segments to improve the performance of your campaigns. The best and easiest way to do that is using Recapture.

Recapture is an SMS and email marketing platform that helps merchants deal with cart abandonment, winbacks, and much more. We know the pains and struggles you face with your store’s marketing because we’ve been there ourselves with our own stores. We built Recapture with busy store owners in mind. Our software helps you create effective SMS and email campaigns targeted at potential customers who have abandoned their cart to increase your store’s revenue an average of 10%.

How Recapture improves customer retention

Here’s how Recapture improves customer retention to grow your ecommerce store.

Proven track record

As we mentioned in our case study with Evolve Fitwear, for years, Recapture has excelled at abandoned cart recovery and winback campaigns, increasing the customer lifetime value for your store. And there are dozens more success stories of brands growing with Recapture. We’ve recovered $150,000,000+ for brands big and small, just like yours.

Multi-channel communication without the complexity

Recapture grew up on email and we know it like the back of our hands. We added SMS to integrate with our existing email campaigns so you can send texts, emails, or both in any order or frequency. You communicate how you want to. With seamless integration between the channels, it’s never been easier.

Setup quickly even if you’re not technical or a marketing expert

Recapture’s intuitive layout will make it easy for you to get started with default templates (best practices included free of charge!), pre-timed campaigns and excellent documentation. If you get stuck, our customer support will get you up and running in no time. Plus we have 5-star reviews on every platform out there, so you can configure with confidence knowing we’ve got your back. No more complicated workflows to drag out, events to remember, or unhelpful support agents to wade through. Only experts are available to help you here.

Advanced segmentation made easy

Blasting your SMS list all at once is the best way to lose subscribers. With Recapture, we offer robust segmentation and personalization capabilities, so your texts are seen by the right customer at the right time. Captured personal information can be easily included into every text or email. You don’t need an agency or someone with years of marketing background to be able to set up those most advanced campaigns with Recapture. And if you get stuck, you have experts available to quickly lend a hand.

Industry-leading expertise

By using Recapture, you’ll get to work with our dedicated team of experts. We’ll partner with you to implement, launch, and optimize your email and SMS campaigns. We’ll review your existing marketing efforts and make concrete suggestions to improve your recovery at no charge. You’re in good hands with an experienced, helpful team who can help you grow your business. Our reviews speak for themselves on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and other platforms.

How Recapture is different from other SMS tools

There are lots of SMS providers in the ecommerce industry. Unlike those companies that recently hopped on the ecommerce SMS train over the past year, we’ve been around since 2015. We have recovered more than $150 million dollars in revenue for our customers through abandoned cart and winback campaigns. Recapture provides you with meaningful insight into your brand’s SMS performance with simple-to-read but insightful analytics, which helps optimize your campaigns. 

The Recapture plugin takes only 5 minutes to set up and is compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and many other ecommerce platforms.

Recapture supports a number of international friendly features like multiple languages for campaigns, local currency display for customers, and multi-storefront capabilities. You can reach out to customers anywhere in the world with confidence, helping you scale your brand worldwide.

With Recapture, you can have meaningful analytics delivered to you through email reports. You can also keep a tab on your brand’s cart activity in real-time and make use of the data to strategize better. 

This data gives you an insight into valuable information about the cart abandonment rate, most frequently abandoned products, and revenue loss due to cart abandonment among others. Creating emails is painless with a drag-and-drop editor, and our pop-up library gives you quick, customizable choices to set up pop-ups that match your site without a lot of fuss. 

You can access some other features free of cost for a 15-day trial period; these features include:

    • Automated Abandoned Cart Texts and Emails: Send abandoned cart messages at the right time to improve the chance of recovering lost sales.
    • Winback Campaigns: Bring your best customers back to buy again with a timely reminder.
    • Global and Unique Coupon support: Send customer-specific, limited use discount codes or standard global coupons.
  • Responsive Email Popups: Easily create pop-ups that can help get opt-ins for both SMS and email notifications (ensures TCPA and CAN-SPAM compliance!). 
  • Segment Builder: Focus your messages on the right people at the right time with segments. Pre-defined segments (like “First Time Customers”) make it fast and easy to set up. No advanced degree required.

Get started with Recapture in 5 minutes

Ready to improve customer retention and grow your ecommerce business? Start using Recapture today.

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