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It seems like every Shopify store is using SMS now. There’s a lot of hype for SMS and it’s justified. SMS marketing has a high open rate and can result in high sales when done right. Customers love the aspect of cutting through all the marketing noise compared to their flooded email inbox, and glancing through your offers in a no-nonsense approach is appealing.

If you browse through the stats, you’ll see how SMS marketing enjoys a superior conversion rate and a higher customer engagement rate. Add that to this particular marketing campaign’s cost-efficiency, and you know you have the best strategy ever for your business growth and profits.

What is SMS Marketing?

Sending transactional messages and promotional offers through an SMS to your prospective customers is what we refer to as SMS marketing. Although permission-based, these SMS messages are the quickest means of delivering updates, communicating time-bound offers and information regarding your products and services to likely customers.

Why Should Shopify Stores Use SMS as a Marketing Channel?

For Shopify store owners, the primary reason for adopting SMS as a marketing channel is the more assertive communication and engagement.  If you look at the stats, you’d see that texting enjoys an almost 98% open rate, and 90% of those are opened within three minutes.

For emails, the open rate is far lower and it takes longer for emails to be opened. SMS allows more authenticity and personalization. It’s a great way to increase engagement with customers and makes Shopify businesses seem more accessible.

Apart from these, what are the other reasons that would benefit Shopify stores by adopting SMS marketing? Let’s look at them below:

Younger Generations Always Have Their Phones

Millennials contribute to the highest usage of mobile phones. It is nearly impossible to find someone under thirty-five or so without the phone on them for even five minutes. This means you have instantaneous access to that age group, which is a massive advantage if you have products, especially for their use.

With one notification, they’ll be aware of your offers and promotions within a few seconds. Capitalize on this by engaging your younger customers with your business through reminders, offers, sneak peeks of future products, promotions, etc.

Texts are opened faster than emails

The massive difference in the open rates between the two channels is a testament to this fact: 98% for SMS and 20& for email. Customers find reading text messages almost hassle-free and can glance through even when they’re on the go. They don’t need to spare a significant portion of their time to browse the content, as compared to emails. The instant accessibility and readability make SMS a winner.

Customers’ email inboxes are flooded

The problem with emails is that they’re constantly getting flooded every day. There are likely hundreds of unread emails in your inbox right now too. Just as your business is striving to grab their attention, so are others, which means your emails might not be seen at all.

How SMS grows your Shopify store

Shopify customers are real humans and they want to feel like your business is there for them. You may be a Shopify store, but you need to show them that humans like them operate the business and understand their needs and requirements.

With SMS, you get a level of personalization with the customers that you can’t get with email. It makes them feel more comfortable and sure of spending their money on your products. SMS helps ease their initial purchasing fears and doubts because of your more personal communication through this channel.

So what are some of the best ways to make more significant sales for your Shopify store with SMS marketing? Here they are:

Recover abandoned carts

Abandoned carts belong to those who wanted very much to purchase something they liked in your store but gave in to their fears at the last minute. You can send them an automated yet personalized text to nudge them back to purchasing.

The message could read how the products would cater to them, how it is a great offer. The SMS provides a recovery link that takes them back to their cart so they can complete the purchase.

Send winback campaigns

Customers often turn dormant, not because they lost interest, but because you didn’t make enough effort to engage them. Here is where SMS can help most. Use your customer histories and see what their purchasing preferences were.

If you note users becoming inactive for a while, send them special offers on those products and introduce similar ones from your line to reengage them. You can curate other win-back campaigns through SMS to draw your customers back to you.

Combine SMS with email to get better results

You can prepare email subscribers through your texts and vice versa. There’s no rule that says you can use only one marketing channel for your Shopify store. You’ll experience even better sales and profit if you integrate both your email and SMS marketing channels.

For example, you can attract your SMS contacts to email subscriptions by sending them to sneak peeks into unique new products into your store. Then include a link for subscribing to your emails to find more details regarding product prices, specifications, etc.

Start SMS marketing with Recapture

The average open rates of 98% make SMS a really exciting channel for Shopify stores. It will direct your customers to make new purchases too. Studies in consumer behaviors prove that businesses have higher chances of selling to their existing customers than new ones.

Besides, customer acquisition is more time and effort-consuming than customer loyalty, with lesser chances of success. You can rekindle your existing customers’ interest through personalized messages and special offers just for them on their favorite products. You can browse through their shopping history then offer discounted items with the ones they purchased previously from your store.

The point is to recapture their interest while offering them more value to win their loyalty.

Get started with SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for Shopify stores because of the multiple advantages. From being quickly visible and accessible to have a more personalized and authentic contact, your customers will enjoy a better experience with your store if you use SMS marketing smartly. 

Get started with Recapture today to start growing your Shopify store with SMS.

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