I’m busy. Could you write emails for me?

You’re a busy store owner, with a limited budget and a full plate. You know you need to send more emails. And write them too. It’s one of the best possible channels out in ecommerce to drive customers to your store.

But you just haven’t been able to make the time to do it yourself. Or maybe you don’t feel confident that your email skills are what they should be. Or maybe you’re stuck because you’re not sure what to write or how many to send.

Frustrated store owner staring at her laptop because she can't figure out what to do with her emails

Maybe you have people working for you, but they’re overworked and overloaded too. No one on your team has time to think about your email optimization, the performance of your campaigns, and what you should send as your next promotion.

Or if you do, it’s limited and you rush the job, hoping it’s “good enough”. You want to give it your best effort and your best people, but you just can’t make it happen. It’s incredibly frustrating.

What if you could change that? What if you could get those all done, and have reports show up giving you instant confidence that your email campaigns are generating the right revenue and really vibing with your customers.

What if you could send all those emails without hiring another person, adding more work to your plate, and without paying the typical agency retainer fees ranging from $2,000 to $25,000 a month?

Wouldn’t that be a game changer for your store?

Introductory Price: $1,000/month

You get:

  • Intro Strategy call
  • Rewrite or add any kind of automated campaigns on Recapture (abandoned cart, post purchase, winback)
  • Promotional campaign using Recapture’s broadcast emails (1 per week)
  • Performance reports sent weekly or monthly and review call

All for the low price of $1,000/month.

Recapture can help you write and optimize your emails (Done For You Email Marketing!)

Finding a dedicated email expert is expensive and difficult. Just ask the expert, Joanna Wiebe from Copyhackers:

“Do you know anyone who’s really good at email?” is the #1 question we (Copyhackers) get from folks.

Like, as in 3:1 compared to other questions we get.

Three email experts needed for every one “other” expert.

The demand is high. The supply is remarkably low.

-Joanna Wiebe, OG Copywriter and Email Expert @ Copyhackers.com
Done for you email marketing is possible with Recapture

You could spend hours trying to get someone to write emails for you, if you could:

  1. Write a stellar job description
  2. Wade through dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes
  3. Interview a bunch of duds and sigh a lot
  4. Finally get someone you like and then…
  5. Have to train them about ecommerce AND
  6. Wait for them to write the emails

Or you could just SKIP ALL THAT HASSLE and install Recapture on your store, and hire Recapture to handle emails for you. If you’re using Recapture, and your store is making over $10,000 a month in gross sales, Recapture can write and optimize the emails for you.

Leverage our years of experience with email and ecommerce to automatically get all best practices added to your emails. Let Recapture write clear, compelling copy that will hook your customers and improve conversions over what you could do yourself.

✨✨More bang for your buck, less banging your head against the wall.✨✨

Done For You Email Marketing brings our real-world ecommerce email experience to the table

We’re email experts with over a decade of writing high-converting, gripping emails that make customers pay attention and buy from your store. We spend hours pouring over articles about recent developments and trends in email, so you don’t have to. We subscribe to newsletters from other email marketing experts so we’re always on the forefront of knowledge and what works today. No outdated skills here.

What Done For You Email Marketing using Recapture does for your store

What do you get if you use Recapture’s Done For You (DFY) Email Marketing? Recapture will:

  1. Do a focused interview with you to understand your audience and product, deeply
  2. Revamp or write email campaigns (on Recapture’s platform) for your store based on your needs, for example:
    1. Write abandoned cart campaigns
    2. Add Post Purchase campaigns
    3. Send Winback emails
    4. Create promotional campaigns that work
  3. Send detailed reports to you about performance and key metrics
  4. Schedule a monthly review call to talk about plans, results and next steps
  5. Clearly communicate deadlines and keep you in the loop at all times

All for a fixed fee per month, done in a timely manner, with open communication along the way. No long term commitments, retainers or hidden charges.

Happy shopper who bought lots of products from the store that used Recapture's Done For You email marketing service

Let us write and manage your emails for you and give yourself the time to focus on your customers, giving them your best service, best product and most of all, the best experience with your store.

As a special promotion, we’re offering a few openings to select customers who fit this background, are looking to get their campaigns optimized, and understand the massive impact email marketing has on their store.

Done For You Email Marketing is Affordable

Unlike an agency retainer (which starts at $2,000 a month and easily climbs up to a whopping $25,000/month depending on who you talk to) Recapture is affordable for your store. No minimum contracts, no hidden fees.

We currently have a limited number of slots available for new customers each month. If you’re interested in exploring just how much Recapture can improve your emails and you’re an existing Recapture customer who wants to get the most out of your Recapture account, fill out this short and easy form (2 minutes, tops!) and we’ll talk!

If you have more questions, we’ll help answer them. And if it’s not a fit, we’ll let you know right away.

For Q4 2022, Recapture is offering this incredible service for $1,000/month for the first five (5) customers that sign up. Don’t wait–our slots are as limited as your time is now. 😊

You get:

Introductory Price: $1,000/month

You get:

  • Intro Strategy call
  • Rewrite or add any kind of automated campaigns on Recapture (abandoned cart, post purchase, winback)
  • Promotional campaign using Recapture’s broadcast emails (1 per week)
  • Performance reports sent weekly or monthly and review call

All for the low price of $1,000/month.

** must be a Recapture customer and must use Recapture for email campaigns to qualify

Questions? Contact us and we’ll respond ASAP!