Fully compatible with Adobe Commerce Community & Enterprise. Absolutely no coding required.

Get Reports & Send Abandoned Cart Emails for Magento 2

The latest version of the Magento Commerce platform was finally released to the public on Tuesday November 17, 2015. Our team is has been working with the Magento 2 beta for months to develop a fully compatible Abandoned Cart Analytics & Recovery extension for it.

We are very proud to announce that our Magento 2 extension is now complete and is being verified by the Magento Connect team. You will soon be able to download it and integrate the full power of the Recapture platform with your Magento 2.0 store.

Setup Recapture on your Magento 2 store in 5 minutes. Build your first fully responsive email campaign. That’s it.

Every plan includes Free Abandoned Cart Analytics & Reports for life and a 15 day free trial.

Why Bother With Abandoned Carts?

Over 68% of website visitors usually abandon their shopping cart at some step in the process.

Do you know when they abandon? Do you know what products they are leaving behind?

The Recapture Abandoned Cart Recovery Extension will help you figure all of this out. Our Free Analytics & Reports will show you exactly which carts are being abandoned and what products they contain. We will show you a list of your top 10 most abandoned products and you can see exactly which carts were associated with a customer email address, and more…

  • Customer email address
  • Last activity date
  • Products currently in cart
  • Total value of cart
  • And much more!

Automated email campaigns for Magento 2

We built our email editor from the ground-up to make it incredible quick & easy to build a fully responsive campaign.

Choose how many times and how quickly you want to send emails to customers who have abandoned their cart. You can even include a customized coupon code or special offer.

Absolutely no coding knowledge or experience is required, so no developers needed here. Anyone can do it!

Segmented, Targeted Campaigns

Build segments for each campaign to send highly relevant and targeted emails to each customer.

Sending relevant emails will result in higher open rates and more conversions. Segments are intuitive and quick to create!

Ready to get started?

You can have Recapture up and running in 5 minutes.
Free, 14-day, zero-risk, no-credit-card-required trial.

Simplify your email marketing, profitably, right now!

Free Magento 2 Extension, Set up in 5 Minutes

Our free extension installs in minutes and begins gathering data instantly. No core Magento files are changed or overridden, and it uninstalls gracefully.