Email Collector Popups for Magento

Deploy a fully responsive email collector popup and watch your email list grow.

Advanced Behavior Control

Define exactly when and where the popup is shown to your customers.

Don't just immediately ask your customer for their email address. Wait until they have engaged with your content and shown interest in your brand. This technique will consistently increase the conversion rate of your popup. Recapture lets you easily define when you want to show an email collector to your users.

Easy Customization

Every aspect of the popup is customizable to match your brand, right down to the text color.

You will increase engagement with your email popup when they look unique and match your brand. Recapture lets you start with a professionaly designed template, and then quickly customize it to look like your brand.

  • Easily edit all colors
  • Multiple templates available
  • Infinite style combinations
  • Instant, detailed reporting so you can test variations
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Sync with MailChimp

Automatically send all new subscribers to your MailChimp list.

Set up our background sync functionality in just a few clicks. Once it's configured, it just works. Any new collector submissions will be automatically synced to MailChimp (more integrations coming soon!).

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You can have Recapture up and running today. Why wait any longer? Start building your email list more effectively!

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Free Magento Extension, Set up in 5 Minutes

Our free extension installs in minutes and begins gathering data instantly. No core Magento files are changed or overridden, and it uninstalls gracefully.

Magento Version 2 Abandoned Cart Extension

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(Compatible with Magento 1.5 - 1.9.x)

Who is Recapture?

We have over 15 years of experience building and running successful e-commerce websites.

Recapture started as an internal tool that we built for all our Magento sites. We needed to send abandoned cart emails that didn't suck, and we didn't want to use a self-hosted solution and gum up our Magento installation.

We couldn't find a well-built, cost-effective service out there, so we built it ourselves. It works so incredibly well for us that we decided to share it with anyone who wants it.

Dave Rodenbaugh


Mike Davies

Tech Lead