Terms of Service for DFY Email Marketing

By purchasing Recapture’s Done For You (DFY) Email Marketing service you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Firstly, all of the Terms of Service of the Recapture abandoned cart recovery and email marketing service apply. These terms below are in addition to those existing terms.

This contract is between Recapture (herein referred to as “Service Provider”) and the Recapture customer/client (herein referred to as “Client”) and expresses what email marketing services (herein referred to as “Services”) are to be done under this contract. This contract limits our liability and clearly expresses the services that will and will not be provided for the fee paid.

  • Purchases are for contract labor to perform the Services on the Recapture platform only between the Service Provider and the Client.
  • The Services provided will be limited to the following each 30 day period:
    • Scheduling a strategy call to discuss the Client’s audience, product and email marketing goals
    • Creating or editing Abandoned Cart emails using the Recapture platform
    • Creating or editing Post Purchase emails using the Recapture platform
    • Creating or editing Winback emails using the Recapture platform
    • Creating or editing broadcast emails using the Recapture platform, up to 1 campaign per week
    • Managing the Client’s Recapture account
    • Providing performance reports to the Client on at least a monthly basis, but no more frequently than a weekly basis
  • Client is purchasing the Services for one store at a time on the Recapture platform. The Service Provider wishes to give the Client the highest level of service for the Services provided and must focus on one store at a time.
    • If a Client has multiple stores, they can continue using the Services each month, but switch stores they wish the Service Provider to focus on.
    • If the Service Provider agrees, the Client may split efforts between two stores if the level of work on the Services allows for it in the Service Provider’s opinion.
  • All liability regarding the content provided by the Service Provider shall reside with the Client. The Client must approve, in a timely manner, the content written by the Service Provider.
    • The Service Provider will take great care to create reasonable and appropriate content as well as provide notifications to the Client when this content is ready for review.
    • If the Client does not respond in a timely fashion to review requests, the Service Provider is not liable for the content due to the restrictive timelines requested by the Client for the Services provided.
  • The Client will respond to all deadlines requested by the Service Provider. Failure to respond by the Client does not impact the 30 day window of the Services.
    • Failure to respond by the Client will not require an extension of the 30 day window without the agreement of the Service Provider.
  • Service Provider will provide services for payment on a rolling 30 day window following the date of the payment made.
    • Example: If the Client purchases the Services on August 1, period of Services will run from August 1-August 31, and rebill the Client on September 1 for the next 30 day period.
    • If a timely payment is not made by the Client, or a payment fails due to a bank issue, card decline, or any other problem, the Service Provider will place all services on hold until the payment is made or the Client wishes to cancel, whichever comes first.
  • The Service Provider will make all reasonable efforts to meet any deadlines set. If the Service Provider is unable to make a deadline, they will notify the Client as early as possible and reschedule accordingly. The 30 day window for Services may be adjusted in this case, if needed, by the Service Provider.
  • The Client is free to cancel the service at any time for the next 30 day period prior to any work starting by the Service Provider.
    • Once work has begun by the Service Provider in a 30 day period, refunds for the Services are at the sole discretion of Service Provider.
    • The Service Provider reserves the right to prorate the refund, if provided at all, for the time invested to date in the Services.
  • All Services performed will be done solely on the Recapture Abandoned Cart Recovery and Email Marketing platform. Due to limited bandwidth, the Service Provider will not perform the Services on any other email marketing platform.

These terms were last edited on October 13, 2022.

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