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Should you migrate from Mailchimp on BigCommerce to Recapture? Here are a few reasons Mailchimp isn’t cutting it for BigCommerce stores anymore:

  • Multiple price increases from Mailchimp over the years, including two in 2022 and another in early 2023
  • Consistent, poor customer support from Mailchimp
  • A confusing and constantly changing user interface in Mailchimp making it hard to manage your email campaigns

Recapture can migrate you from Mailchimp on BigCommerce and save you money.

If you’re done monkeying around with Mailchimp, Recapture is here to help. Recapture will:

  1. Migrate your Mailchimp account (contacts, templates) and setup your BigCommerce email marketing for FREE
  2. Give you a fixed-price, rate that is guaranteed for the next 12 months AND
  3. Give you a 30% discount for the first 90 days of our service on top of your new fixed price (guaranteed lower than Mailchimp).

How does Recapture compare to Mailchimp on prices? (jump link)

Install Recapture from BigCommerce App Store

Excellent, useful app – You will see increase in profits.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get this app. It is a great way to automate follow up with customers and recover those pesky abandoned carts. I use Recapture to gather TONS of product reviews. Another great feature is the automatic emails send to follow up with customers that haven’t made a purchase in awhile. Recapture drives a lot of additional sales without any effort or marketing expense. Best part for me – customer service is live and ready to chat about things I need.

Great customer service!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We’ve been using Recapture for cart abandonment, win backs and collector campaigns for a few months – they are much more effective at driving revenue than the tools built into BigCommerce, and the software is easy to use and customize.

The best part though is their customer service – they are quick to step in and help resolve any issue that I’ve had!

That’s very hard to come by!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recapture?

Recapture is abandoned cart recovery and email marketing for ecommerce stores, like yours on BigCommerce! We’ve been around since 2015 and helped more than 8,000 stores recover $225,000,000 in revenue. We’re really good at triggered email campaigns (like abandoned carts, post-purchase emails, winbacks, and more) as well as broadcast email campaigns (for sales and promotions).

Recapture is perfect for busy store owners that do in-house marketing, stores that don’t want to engage an agency to do email marketing, or stores with small, overworked marketing teams that need easy-to-use email marketing tools with minimal fuss. If you’re a store making between $10,000 and $250,000/month, Recapture will make you money and pay for itself, easily.

Does Recapture support everything that Mailchimp does?

For the biggest, most important features in Mailchimp BigCommerce, the answer is yes. Recapture supports:

  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Winback emails
  • Review reminder emails
  • Email popups and add to cart popups
  • Broadcast emails (for promotional campaigns, newsletters)
  • Detailed analytics and reports for campaign and account level performance
  • Advanced segmentation (so you can send targeted emails to your customers)
  • WYSIWYG email editor so easy to use and simple to navigate
  • Integration with Zapier (which allows you to integrate with almost everything else)

And there are several things Recapture supports for BigCommerce that Mailchimp does not:

  • Live Cart Feed (view your store activity LIVE and see how carts change in the workflow–this feature is not available on any other platform!)
  • SMS abandoned cart and order notifications
  • Excellent customer support for ALL plans (free or paid)
  • Native support for ecommerce platforms (built from the ground up)
  • An email marketing solution that doesn’t require an agency to manage or training to understand

We have a more comprehensive comparison of Recapture as Mailchimp alternative as well that may interest you.

Will Recapture help me move my campaigns from Mailchimp and BigCommerce?


We are offering a FREE concierge migration service for all existing Mailchimp customers to move to Recapture. Recapture will migrate your contacts, your templates, and setup your campaigns for your store at NO COST to you.

Will I lose any data migrating from BigCommerce Mailchimp?

For your customer lists and your email templates, no data will be lost. We’ll bring that over, no problem, once we get access to your account.

Recapture will help you import all of this data as part of the concierge migration.

Your previous analytics in Mailchimp cannot be moved over to Recapture, so be sure to grab snapshots of those before you shut down your account. You probably want to take some snapshots of your past analytics in Mailchimp, as this won’t be available in Recapture after your migrate.

What about the cost of Recapture on BigCommerce?

Our pricing is value-based on the additional revenue you recover for you each month, plus you can recover up to $500 at no cost and a 15-day free trial. We have special pricing for BigCommerce customers that are migrating over from Mailchimp on BigCommerce. See below for the comparison:


To get this special pricing, we'll need to know the precise size of your contact list today, so contact us and we'll get you and your plan straightened out.

What if I have other questions?

No problem! We're here to help. Contact us and we'll respond promptly (unlike some monkeys we know).

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