Recover lost sales with personalized messages that arrive at the perfect time.

Meaningful and Actionable Analytics

How many of your customers abandon their cart, and what products do they leave behind? Successful abandoned cart recovery depends on you knowing this data!

Our real-time data answers those questions and more. The reports and analytics are published in real time, viewable for any date range, and are always free.

Some of the valuable insights and information we provide:

  • Cart Abandon Rate
  • Most frequently abandoned products
  • Revenue lost to abandoned carts
  • Abandoned cart recovery revenue (“Recaptured Revenue“)
  • And much more!
abandoned cart recovery

Our Abandoned Cart Recovery Extension is the best.

abandoned cart recovery

Simple Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Automation

Our intuitive email builder makes it incredibly simple to create and automate a beautiful, responsive abandoned cart recovery emails.

Choose how many times and how quickly you want to send emails to customers who have abandoned their cart. You can even include a customized coupon code or special offer.

Our email builder lets you create the email you need without having to worry about all the details. We take care of things like making the email responsive and ensuring it looks good in email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Want to see what one of our abandoned cart recovery emails looks like?

We’ll send you a real email from one of our users.

Email Auto-Capture

Capture email addresses as soon as they are typed.

Our auto-capture technology uses JavaScript to detect when a customer is typing an email address into a form on your site. When the customer finishes typing, the email is immediately sent to our servers. The customer doesn’t even need to click submit.

Live Cart Feed

View shopping cart and checkout activity as it is happening.

We’re not kidding about real-time, either. Gain visibility into exactly what products are being added to cart right now, how many abandoned carts your store had in the past 30 minutes and all recently converted carts.

Carts are segmented in real-time into different defining categories: Active Carts, Abandoned Carts, Recapturable Carts, and Converted Carts.

Advanced Cart Identification

How many of your visitors have given you their email address in the past?

Picture this: a shopper visits your site, becomes interested in your brand, and subscribes to your newsletter. A few days later they come back, add a product to their cart, but they don’t proceed to checkout. Our technology can identify that shopper.

Using advanced tracking techniques, we are able to persistently identify folks who have identified themselves in the past. What would normally be detected as an anonymous cart with other abandoned cart extensions becomes an opportunity with Recapture.

One-Click Session Regeneration

Make it easy for shoppers to complete the checkout process.

All abandoned cart recovery emails we send out contain links that will automatically regenerate the guests session on your store, regardless of the device they return on.

Here’s an example of how it works: a guest is browsing your site on their laptop. They add some products to their cart, begin to checkout, but abandon the process. We send them an email 30 minutes later with a link to complete checkout. They open that email on their phone, and click the link. Our technology will automatically regenerate their session on your site, so they can pick up right where they left off. This means less work for the customer to complete checkout, and more recovered revenue for you!

Detailed Cart Profiles

View a detailed overview of any cart in your store.

Drill down and view real-time details for a specific cart. Has this customer opened any of the emails we’ve sent? What products are in their cart? Quickly get answers to all these questions and more.

abandoned cart recovery

Personalized, Responsive Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

Beautifully responsive with zero effort from you.

Stop sending generic, non-responsive emails to your customers. Personalized emails convert better. And did you know that over 60% of the emails you send are opened on a phone? Every email we send is fully responsive, and uniquely personalized for the recipient.

Recapture is more than just abandoned cart recovery, too!

Recapture does a lot more than just abandoned cart recovery emails. We can also send:

  • Post purchase emails (after an order is completed)
  • Winback emails (after customers have purchased and you want them to come back after some time)
  • Broadcast emails (to do promotions and announcements)
  • SMS messages (for order notification and cart recovery too!)
  • Popups (to capture emails from Add to Cart and more)

Recapture is a one-stop tool for stores just like yours.

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