Don’t use a self hosted solution.

Is your cron working perfectly?
Do you want to code your own responsive email?
…and setup all your DKIM, SPF and DMARC
…and not slow your store down while sending email
…and then test it in all major email clients?

Let us handle all that.

What is a “self hosted solution”?

A self hosted solution is one where all of the functionality and code resides on your server.

The problem with this is that you are responsible for making any code changes. If you want a new feature, you have to build it yourself. We are constantly adding new features to the Recapture interface. As our users request changes and upgrades, we build them out at no additional cost to each user! If you have ever paid for Magento development, you know that a simple extension change can easily cost upwards of $500. That is the same cost as an entire year of Recapture.

Wait…isn’t Recapture an extension as well?

Yes. You have to install a Magento extension for Recapture to work with your website. The extension connects your data to our application. Then we do everything else.

But don’t let that scare you. You can install the extension through your admin, no FTP required. If you are a developer, you can also install it via Composer.

The codebase of Recapture is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Everything is cloud based for maximum reliability. You never have to worry about it working, it just does.

But I can buy an extension for $99 that does Abandoned Carts!

Yes, you can. But we do it better…a lot better.

Every email we send is fully responsive and has been tested on every major email client.

We sync your subscribers to MailChimp, automatically.

We seamlessly handle multiple currencies. It just works like it should.

We give you a live view of every single shopping cart being created on your store, as they are being created! (PS: No one else does this, anywhere.)

We have some secret sauce. A proprietary method for making sure we can follow up with more of your abandoned carts.

We seamlessly work with One Step Checkout. Most extensions don’t. You might save some money now, but you’ll lose it all in lost revenue the rest of the year.

We are constantly testing, refining and adding new features. Our code never gets stale.

…and we just recently added Collectors (a new feature that everyone now has access to).

Ready to get started?

You can have Recapture up and running today. Free, 14-day, no-credit-card-required trial.

Start recovering abandoned revenue right now!