You’re overpaying for email marketing right now

Most stores think they need ALL THE THINGS in email marketing to be successful in ecommerce. But that’s a LIE.
In fact, you really only need a handful of campaigns to be successful.
And expensive agencies want you to use every campaign out there because agencies profit from the complexity of your setup.
You can do better without a lot of work.

It’s time to get more profitable AND simplify your business.

Use Recapture Email Marketing instead

Recover abandoned carts, retain customers, generate sales and much more with Recapture:

🤓 The minimal-learning-curve,
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Recapture is your easy-to-manage, complete email marketing solution for stores making up to $250,000/month.

Recapture Is Simple AND Complete (No, that’s not a contradiction)

Can you be simple, easy to use and complete enough to be useful all at the same time? At Recapture, the answer is YES.

Your existing tools may have “all the features” but chances are you aren’t using more than 20% of that platform anyhow. And in fact, you probably won’t get any value out of those fancy workflows until you’re an 8-9 figure business! That’s wasted time AND money.

In fact, your ecommerce business gets 80% of the value in email marketing from these features based our years of experience:

  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Post purchase emails (review reminders, upsells)
  • Winbacks
  • Broadcast (promotional emails)
  • Welcome series from popups

And that holds true until you’re well into 7-8 figures. So, why pay for infinite ways to trigger emails and campaigns that you won’t get value from for years?

Recapture has all of those features ready-to-go on install–we are what you need today and will scale well with you for a long time, at a much more reasonable price than those large, public email marketing companies like Mailchimp or Klaviyo.

Customer Support Isn’t An Afterthought With Recapture

Have you ever tried to get help with one of those Big Email Marketing companies? For example, long hold times on live chat. Or no response for days in email. Or lame answers from an AI chatbot that leave you fuming in anger.

Well, you won’t get that here! Recapture’s customer support is different:

  • Amazing live chat, phone and email support
  • Fast response times
  • We’ll help you get setup with concierge migration from any platform, FREE

Recapture focuses entirely on your success and earns it with 5-star reviews and amazing, responsive customer support.

Recapture’s Pricing: Usage-Based, Fair and Competitive

Recapture’s pricing is better as you scale, and our support is superior (Klaviyo’s plans do not include email and phone support for these prices at all. It’s standard with all plans on Recapture)

Compare Recapture To Other Platforms

Not sure how we stack up to the alternatives? We have you covered:

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