Customer Success Stories

Wicker Central

$72 recovered per email sent!

Launched in 2009, Wicker Central has grown rapidly to become one of the premier online sellers of high end outdoor wicker furniture. It wasn’t realistic for them to reach out to every single person who abandoned a cart, Recapture made that job easy and profitable!

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Evil Controllers

35%+ Clickthrough Rate on Campaigns!

Recapture is super easy to install, has a great user interface and all at a very fair price.
- Ryan Sieker, Evil Controllers


7% Conversion Rate on Campaigns!

Carved sells premium wood phone cases and has a large volume of abandoned carts. The 20 Minute Follow Up Campaign has been active for 3 months and has an average conversion rate of 7.1%.

Who is Recapture?

We have over 15 years of experience building and running successful e-commerce websites.

Recapture started as an internal tool that we built for all our Magento sites. We needed to send abandoned cart emails that didn't suck, and we didn't want to use a self-hosted solution and gum up our Magento installation.

We couldn't find a well-built, cost-effective service out there, so we built it ourselves. It works so incredibly well for us that we decided to share it with anyone who wants it.

Dave Rodenbaugh


Mike Davies

Tech Lead